Over 30 years in the environmental sector

From a long and successful background in the Environmental Management sector, we formed Harrison - Turner (EMS) Ltd in 2008. Since then we have helped clients reduce and remove the risk of environmental prosecution by acting as their Compliance Management and have liaised directly with the Environment Agency over difficult issues on their behalf.

We have helped Companies put the correct processes in place to provide environmental compliance and in many cases even reduce the cost of compliance as a result.

Our speciality

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) has seen exponential growth in the past ten years, but also a lot of mistakes by operators leading to prosecution.  Operators, especially those with smaller units and the enforcement agencies alike have had to learn through the mistakes of the AD industry as a whole. Harrison - Turner (EMS) Ltd has been involved in resolving enforcement notices, prosecutions and the threat of prosecutions from the day of incorporation.

Our services today

Our core activities are day-to-day management support, compliance, and through a select number of partnerships, we are able to offer a multi-disciplined service to the whole environmental / recycling sector .